Planning Commission

A planning commission for the town is created under CRS 32-23-201. The Planning Commission shall consist of seven members who shall be selected as follows: The mayor, a member of the board of trustees and an administrative official selected by the mayor, and a member of the board of trustees selected by the board of trustees shall be ex officio members of the planning commission during the period of the official tenures, except that the term of the administrative official shall terminate with the term of the mayor selecting him. In addition to the four ex officio members of the planning commission, there shall be three members who may also be members of the board of trustees appointed by the mayor pursuant to 31-23-203(1)

The planning commission shall have the powers and perform each and all of the duties specified by CRS Title 31, Article23.This includes decisions on public hearings, review development proposals, zoning ordinance amendments, rezoning's and zoning map changes.

They prepare a master plans, shall make careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of present conditions and future growth of the town with due regard to its relation to neighboring territory. The master plan shall be made with the general purpose of guiding development of the town to best promote health, safety, morals, order, convenience prosperity and general welfare, efficiency and economy in development.


Duke Prichard, chair

Berklea Forrest

Brady Humphrey

Josh Wittler

Tyler Gibson


Mark Rosengrants

Matt Ballard

Planning Commission meets the Third Tuesday of every month, or as needed.


August 18, 2020 agenda  
March 11, 2020 agenda minutes
January 28, 2020 agenda minutes