Springfield Municipal Airport

Airport Information

Airport ID: 8v7

Airport Classification: (ARC) B-1

Elevation: 4390 ft

length: 5000 ft

Width: 60 ft

Runways: 17 and 35

MIRL Frequency: 122.9

Services: 100 LL 



7 Clicks: High       

5 Clicks: Medium

3 Clicks: Low

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Contact Us

Located at 32506 US Hwy 287, approximately 3 miles North of Springfield

PO Box 4

Springfield CO 81073

Check weather conditions at the airport - click HERE


Airport Manager: (719) 529-9791

Weather: (719) 523-4516

Police: Day-(719) 523-6241 Night-(719) 523-4511

Emergency: 911

Airport Manager
Airport Manager Brett Figgins

There is no charge for landing, ramp, or overnight tie downs. 

The Southeast Colorado Hospital is a 5 minutes drive.

It may take 1-2 hours to clear the runway after snow.

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