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Dogs in Springfield

Purchase a Dog License

Bring proof of your dogs current rabies vaccination to Springfield Town Hall during normal business hours.

Dogs - Annual License: January to December

     $2     Male (intact or neutered) 

     $2      Female (spayed)

     $5     Female     


A replacement license is the purchase of a new license for the year.

Dog Licenses

All dogs in the Town of Springfield are required to wear a current license tag.

Licenses ensure that dogs are vaccinated against rabies, as proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license. Licensing your dog provides a way of tracing the dog back to you, and can help locate you in the event your dog is lost, or it is injured and treatment needs to be authorized. It may keep your dog from making an unnecessary trip to the Springfield pound.

Lost Dog

If you have lost your pet, please call 719-523-6241 to see if it is at the pound.