Fire Department



The Springfield Volunteer Fire Department is a close-knit team trained and prepared to act in a moments notice, in Springfield or the surrounding area, to control and extinguish fires, and respond to emergencies where life, property, or the environment is at risk.

Please contact one of the members or the Springfield Town Hall (719) 523-4528 for an application if you are interested in joining this valuable community team.


The National Fire Prevention Association Click here 

Chris Westphal - Fire Chief

Kasey Johnson - Assistant Fire Chief


Town Hall (719) 523-4528

Baca County Fireworks Display


The Baca County Fireworks came to us via the Springfield, Walsh and other Baca County Fire Departments.


We are glad to perform this service! 

Donations are appreciated to "Baca County Fireworks Fund" and mail to PO Box 4, Springfield CO 81073


Fire Department 2018 Information



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