Volunteer Opportunities

There are no opportunities at this time. Please check back later for updated information and any openings.




Town of Springfield Planning Commission has a Vacancy

The Town of Springfield has a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Individuals serving on the board must be a resident of the Town of Springfield. The five member Planning Commission is appointed by the Board of Trustees.  Their role and responsibility is at times legislative and other times a quasi-judicial. They review development proposals, ordinance amendments, and zoning map changes as specified by the Colorado Revised Statutes. They then present recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Public meetings are held one time per month, or when a request for a hearing has been made.

If interested in filling a vacant Planning Commission position, please provide a letter of interest stating your qualifications to the Town of Springfield at 748 Main Street. Please contact Town Hall with questions regarding serving on the Planning Commission at (719) 523-4528.


Arkansas River Power Authority Board of Directors - Springfield Board Vacancy

The Town of Springfield is looking for a resident and customer, receiving electric service in Springfield, to fill a vacancy on the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) Board. People interested in filling this unexpired term until December 31, 2021 must be a consumer of the Town Electrical Utility, and would be required to attend monthly meetings and occasional special meetings. These meetings are conducted in other ARPA member communities, so travel is essential. 

If interested please provide a letter of interest stating your qualifications to the Town of Springfield, 748 Main Street, Springfield, Colorado 81073. For more information, please call (719) 523-4528.

Town of Springfield Board of Trustees is seeking a resident of the Town of Springfield who is interested in being a member of the Springfield Housing Authority Board for a 5 year term. If interested please mail a letter of intent to Town of Springfield, PO Box 4, Springfield CO 81073 or drop a letter by the Town Hall at 748 Main Street.